Au revoir Petit Noir

Hot weather, malnutrition, or some other combination of malaise quickly hit Petit Noir. In a matter of days he went from running around in the pen to lifeless in his cave of hay. You were such a grunty little guy. The scar from your bite is gone but the memories remain.

First day in new home – 01.10.2014


With brother Lakris



Working on the Railroad

A new project begins 🙂

The Oberwurstwiller Line connects the growing city of Milhouse with the village of Oberwurstwiller. It also serves the Thannwerk mines.


The primary freight business is hauling coal from the Thannverk mines to the processing facility in Oberwurstwiller. Fuel products are then transported to Milhouse. Various freight is also transported from Milhouse to Oberwurstwiller.

Thannverk mines
Thannverk Mines

There is mixed passenger traffic between Milhouse and Oberwurstwiller.


The line uses a mix of steam and electric traction.

Freight depot at Milhouse