Au revoir Petit Noir

Hot weather, malnutrition, or some other combination of malaise quickly hit Petit Noir. In a matter of days he went from running around in the pen to lifeless in his cave of hay. You were such a grunty little guy. The scar from your bite is gone but the memories remain.

First day in new home – 01.10.2014


With brother Lakris



Easter Egg hunting

Since Liv was small the Easter bunny has visited us. Sabine places out nests and they are magically filled with cardboard Easter eggs. Inside there are treats, usually of the chocolate variety.

2011 – at Erleholmen

DSC01494 DSC01497


2012 – in Kringlebotn



2013 – at Erleholmen

Leif joins the action

A good year indeed


2014 – at Erleholmen

DSC02338 DSC02339


2015 – home with snow



2016 – at home

DSC04543 DSC04545

The Easter Bunny ? … 🙂

The loot


2017 – at Erleholmen



2018 – early easter at home with snow!




So this year we started Easter break with a trip to Copenhagen. Sabine & I visited last fall and really enjoyed it so now we decided to bring the kids as well. The main attraction Tivoli was unfortunately closed but we still found a lot to do. Such as visiting the well-stocked zoo. Browsing stores. And eating lots of good food.

IMG_2589 IMG_2596 IMG_2594

Breakfast and goofing at neighborhood cafe Brød & Vann

We used AirBnB for our dwellings again (3rd time now) and found a great flat with a fantastic kidsroom. Fancy bunkbeds and loads of toys & costumes. We could probably have spent the entire visit in the flat I think before they would have exhausted the possibilities 😉

IMG_0639 IMG_0637 IMG_0642 IMG_0651

Ofcourse we had to get out part of the day, to see some sights and eat some treats. Copenhagen has a very good (and inexpensive) mass-transit system but the distances aren’t much and its fairly flat so biking is the best way to travel. You can cover larger areas than you could on foot (esp. with kids) and yet easily stop at a whim to check out a store. The appartment came with 2 bikes, one a 3-wheeler with a special “kid-section” in the front. Liv & Leif loved it and said later it was the best part of the trip.



Working on the Railroad

A new project begins 🙂

The Oberwurstwiller Line connects the growing city of Milhouse with the village of Oberwurstwiller. It also serves the Thannwerk mines.


The primary freight business is hauling coal from the Thannverk mines to the processing facility in Oberwurstwiller. Fuel products are then transported to Milhouse. Various freight is also transported from Milhouse to Oberwurstwiller.

Thannverk mines
Thannverk Mines

There is mixed passenger traffic between Milhouse and Oberwurstwiller.


The line uses a mix of steam and electric traction.

Freight depot at Milhouse