The problem with a “blah” basement

So we had a “blah” basement. 1970’s style complete with ugly carpet and dark faux wood paneling. And lets not forget the “prison-style” bathroom. It was in urgent need of serious TLC.

I had wanted to do something to it for a while but it wasn’t until Sabine’s parents came to visit that things got started. Sabine’s dad was itching for some renovation action and I think hoped to get this all done in the week they were visiting. Oy! Not happening. But he did make a serious dent (no pun intended) in the bathroom!

  1. yea, and the basement stunk too. Some say it smelled like cat pee, others like moldy crypt or Dracula’s dwelling…!
    The smell is now almost gone…still a little humid though.
    pix to come?


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