A random day in Oslo

So we moved to Oslo last fall. The winter was first dark and then cold, now we’ve had weeks with snow on the ground. But spring is slowly coming.

We live in the basement of this house View from garden

We rent a flat in the basement of this house. The view is nice and we have room for all our crap. Our landlords are a sweet retired couple. We are 10 minutes walk from a tramline, which takes us into town. Work is nearby, about 20 minutes on foot.

Maridalen nature area akerselva.jpg Norwegian Museum of Technology

Some of the sights on my way to work are the Maridalen reservoir, the main drinking water supply for Oslo, and starting point for many trails. Maridalen is also the start of the Aker river, which cuts through Oslo. I also pass the Technical Museum, a fun place to visit.

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