Monthly Archives: August 2008

Liv@ 3 months

Its amazing how alert Liv is at 3 months. She looks at everything around her, especially when she is in a new place. There was a lot of travel this month, summer holidays in Bergen with family again, cabin. Meeting grandpappa for the first time. At some point she decided napping wasn’t cool anymore so now we need to watch closely for signs of tiredness and put her to bed. She is often upset at this but staying up definitely makes here cranky. And cranky babies (much like adults) are no fun.

Speaking of no fun, this month Liv got her first vaccinations. It was a traumatic experience for all 3 of us. I had to hold Liv and she cried, really howled for a few minutes. No wonder, the needles looked adult-size. Fortunately she didn’t have any serious reactions to the shots. I read about 5% of parents are not getting shots anymore, and the nurse told us we didn’t have to get them, but I think it’s a good insurance.

In happier news Schnoupinette got an activity mat this month, she likes it a lot, and amuses herself for a while on it every day. Plus she spends more time on her back or stomach, which is good for her. There`s a bird, a cat that meuws and plays a tune, a ladybug, and more.